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AMD Leaks the Ryzen 3 Spec while launching the Ryzen Pro Lineup

(Photo from AMD's official website)On 29th June, AMD announced their Ryzen PRO lineup for enterprises. These "new" processors have improved security and reliability with extensive...
SSD lifespan

Are SSD Manufacturers Lying about Their Drives’ Lifespan?

Solid-State-Drive (SSD) is another form of storage using NAND flash instead of magnets like Hard Drive (HDD). It is a much superior storage medium...

Best PC Build Under $700 USD in June 2017

(Photo from PCPartPicker.com)With more and more budget-friendly computer hardware available in the market, you do not need a couple thousand dollars (USD) to build...

AMD Vega’s Performance Unveiled by Apple’s iMac Pro

Screen Capture of Apple's official websiteLately, more news and specifications about AMD's next generation graphics - Vega GPU have been unveiled by different sources....

AMD Vega Frontier Edition’s Prices Revealed

AMD Vega Frontier Edition (Photo from Radeon Pro official website)AMD has been teasing their next generation flagship - Vega for a long time. People...

Every tech you don’t want to miss in Computex 2017

(Photo from Computex Taipei official website)COMPUTEX Taipei is one of the largest computer hardware expo in the world. Tons of new technology and gadgets...

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