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Curved Monitors
Curved monitors have become more wide spread, whether they are a gaming-oriented displays or large 4K televisions. Based on your desk setup and preferences, you may want monitors to have slightly different curvatures. But what exactly are 1500R or 3000R on the monitors’ specifications mean?

Curvature Rating

Monitor Curvature Rating

Manufacturers will choose to make a monitor “bend” the monitor more or less, depending on its aspect ratio and purposes. For example, 21:9 monitors will generally have a tighter curve than traditional 16:9 monitors, because of the much longer width.

Most companies will mark the monitors as XXXXR (e.g. 1800R or 2300R) to express the curvature. The “R” in the rating represents radius, while the number in front means radius in millimeters . In short, the curvature of the monitor will match the curvature of a circle with the specific radius . An 1500R monitor has the curvature of a circle with a 1500 mm or 1.5 meters radius.

As a result, monitors with a higher rating will have a less aggressive curve than those with lower rating (3000R vs 1800R).

Viewing Distance

The curvature ratings also provide some insights on your optimal viewing distances. Imagine you are sitting in the center of a circle, the distance between you and every part of the curved monitor will be the same, equaling to the radius.

Simply said, the maximum viewing distance of the curved monitor is the same as its curvature rating’s radius. However, this should just use as as a reference, because you may find a different position more comfortable. It is often best practise to try the monitors out in physical stores first before purchasing.

  • 1000R = 1.0 meter away
  • 2000R = 2.0 meters away
  • 3500R = 3.5 meters away

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